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Today 23 May 2024
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A part of hired with the help of agencies employees averages 5%

Staff recruitment

“Kadrovik” fulfils the selection of the supreme and medium leaders, distributors, technically-engineering and managerial staff in profile direction in the technologically-industrial sphere of the B2B market.


The extensive list of agency’s data contains regularly renewed information about successful and rare professions. The knowledge of the sectoral peculiarities and principal tendencies of the technically-industrial sphere of the B2B market development allow to understand clearly the specific character of the work and to propose in the shortest possible time candidates, who correspond to the demands of the Customer as much as possible.


Different ways and methods are used in order to search, select and attract specialists, depending on the specific character and complexity of the project. For the achievement of the goal such technologies as direct search of candidates, search in the database, search on the basis of recommendations of experts of this kind of market, work with the local business community, search on the basis of the internet resources and among the responses on the vacancies in the Mass Media and in the Internet are used.


“Kadrovik” has a wide experience of executing different orders for the clients of the technologically-industrial sphere of the B2B market. On your demand we are ready to give you recommendations and examples of successful projects on the interesting direction.


Terms of cooperation

  • Cost of services on the staff recruitment depends on demands, presenting to the candidates, urgency of closing the vacancy, duration of the warranty period and average from 15% to 20% of the annual income of the accepted specialist.
  • Service payment should be maid during three bank days from the moment of the chosen by the client candidate appearance at work.
  • “Kadrovik” gives clients guarantees in case of complaints against the candidate. A single substitution of the accepted candidate can be maid without an extra payment in the event that the candidate leaves the company or he is discharged during the warranty period, which can vary from 60 to 90 calendar days, depending on the type of the vacancy.

Principle of operation


The company “Kadrovik” aims at long-term relations with the clients therefore the company in its work holds to the following ethical standards:

  • work professionally, putting all interests of the client above its owns;
  • give the reliable and complete information about the candidates;
  • be opened for the contact and regularly provide the client with the feedbacks;
  • not to address repeatedly with the proposal about the work to that employee of the company who were placed in a job by the company “Kadrovik”;
  • not to address with the proposal about the work to the employees of the companies-clients who are not in the process of search of the work;
  • consider all information about the cooperation confidential.

The individual approach in the solution of questions, appeared in the course of work on the vacancy, allows to provide the satisfaction of the customer with the result and serves as the basis for the long-term partnership.

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