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Today 22 July 2024
Do you know that:
58% of competitors had worked on the last place of employment not more than 1,5 year.

Job search


Cooperation with the agency of staff recruitment “Kadrovik” will help you to orient on the labour market, to estimate your capacity and to choose the vacancy which shows the best correlation with the stage of your career development.


Specialists of the company emphasize the most effective interaction with those candidates who are interested in search and changing the job in the technologically-industrial sphere of the B2B market.


The advantage of the cooperation with “Kadrovik”:

  • Selection of vacancies
    Clients of the agency are foreign companies and representative offices, dealers of the leading world-wide producers in the technologically-industrial sphere of the B2B market, leading Russian companies. The competitor has an opportunity to examine several vacancies addressed to “Kadrovik”.

  • Saving of time
    Specialists of the agency in accordance with professional and personal qualities of the competitor will help you with the registration of the curriculum vitae and covering letter, presenting your business qualities more effectively. They will send the information to the employer and will get the feedback.

  • Professionalism
    Professional vision of the trained situation on the market both inside the market and outside gives the opportunity to offer optimal recommendations in the development of your career successfully and in a brief space of time.

  • Anonymity
    “Kadrovik” definitely meets conditions of the anonymity. Without the preliminary agreement of the competitor the information about the search of the job will not be divulged.

  • Gratuitousness
    The competitor does not carry any financial outgoing addressing to “Kadrovik”.
    Respect and attentiveness showing to the competitor, undeviatingly maintenance of the confidentiality create all necessary conditions for mutual confidence which is the basis for the successful cooperation.

It is enough for the competitor to send the CV on the email info@kadovik66.ru or to fill in a form for the search of the opportunities of satisfaction of his professional ambitions inside prospective companies.


Fill in the form on the staff recruitment. The consultant of the agency will contact with you in order to discuss the stages of the closing of the vacancy on receiving of the application.


If you are interested in some vacancies or want to place your CV in the list of the agency’s data, you can make it on the email info@kadovik66.ru or to fill in given below form.

Our clients
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